Online Classes

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic
the Sensory Awareness Foundation is offering
free online classes, where we can see one another,
connect, and together cultivate a life of
grounded embodiment in difficult times.

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A selection of videos from past classes can be found on our YouTube channel.

The guided exploration below – leading us From Isolation to Connection – will give you a sense of how these online classes work. It is audio only, and it does not include participant’s voices.
During the live Zoom sessions, you will have a chance to see and hear others.

The session was recently given by Stefan Laeng during an international online Sensory Awareness leaders meeting. 

Here are two versions. The first is in English only (24 min.), the other comes with a Spanish translation (40 min.). 

When our familiar ground is shifting every moment,
when we feel isolated, cut off from friends,
we may be tempted to withdraw even more,
pulling back from that shifting ground
into the loneliness of our heads.
Bracing for the worst, we may stiffen up and hold our breath,
only to find that we feel even less secure. 

Yet, buffeted by the winds of uncertainty, we already know it’s the flexible branch that survives and thrives. Pausing for just a moment, we remember how to cultivate rooted flexibility. 

In the midst of this turbulent time, we can rely on the tools that Sensory Awareness is offering – embodied presence through felt explorations of everyday movements and activities. 

Sensory Awareness is grounded in our physical presence. Reconnecting with the most basic facts of living, we discover the personal strength we need while remaining sensitive, open. Meeting our heightened uncertainties, we can open with strength, rather than shutting down or spinning out. 

Fully experiencing what is beneath us, we discover the support it offers—and learn how it is to live supported every step of our way. The sense of fear diminishes. Clenched fist becomes open hand, truly able to receive, and to give. The contracted heart opens. Lived with such awareness, each moment can become a refuge from the storm.

In times of enforced isolation, we can come together
in community with others who also explore and live
the wise path of embodied presence.

With just a few clicks on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can see and be seen by likeminded people across the world. Or, with only a landline phone, you can hear the invitations, experiment with the group, speak your piece, and be heard by others on this path to grounded wholeness. 

Join us for these free events. After you register below we will send you information about how to download and use Zoom*, and you will receive a link which will give you access to all classes. Feel free to then join any class you want to. You do not have to take all of them.

Upcoming Classes:

Nov.  21:   9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Mercedes Lopez

Nov.  28    9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Misty Hannah

Dec.   5:    9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Penny Smith

Dec. 12:    9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Susan Henning

Dec. 19:    9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Sara Bragin

Dec.  26:   9 – 10am PST | 12 – 1pm EST | 6 – 7pm CEST   |   Michael Atkinson


Online Classes in Spanish and German

For online sessions in Spanish, contact Peter Honerlage or Eli Gordoa.
– Peter Honerlage’s sessions are on Thursdays at 6pm Mexico time. You can reach him at
– Sesiones quincenales para personal sanitario en Español con Eli Gordoa a través de Zoom, los jueves a las 19.30 hora española. Para más información:

For online sessions in German,
Für Online-Klassen und Wochenenden in Deutsch,
contact Sascha Rimasch at,
or Stefan Laeng at

Your Support Matters

We are grateful for the opportunity to make Sensory Awareness freely available to many people across the world in these challenging times. If you feel called to support our work, we welcome your tax-deductible contribution to our efforts.

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* The Zoom platform offers the possibility to participate by video or by phone. To participate with video, you will need to download a free app on your smartphone or, even better, on your tablet or computer. We’ll send you instructions after your registration.