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These classes are a great opportunity to get a first impression of Sensory Awareness. 

But that’s just the beginning. For many they have become a not-to-be-missed weekly chance to practice with like-minded people from all over the world.

A seasonally changing theme serves as inspiration to explore what it means to live more fully.

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Upcoming dates and leaders:

Feb. 3: Michael Atkinson
Feb. 10: Penny Smith
Feb. 17: Misty Hannah
Feb. 24: Mercedes Lopez
March 2: Judyth Weaver
March 9: Susan Henning

More classes to be announced shortly.

Seeking and Finding — or already here?

Reflection by Michael Atkinson

(You can listen to it as a guided exploration.)

What are we seeking when we begin to work seriously with Sensory Awareness?  

Peace? adaptability? stimulation? tranquility? surprise?discovery? 
Are these not already here in our simplest living, waiting to show themselves?

When we reach out to touch something, 
if we give at least as much attention to the experience of reaching 
as we do to what we would touch, 
we are no longer seeking, 
but already finding.

Try it now.  
Reaching out toward your coffee cup, slowly, gradually extend your hand, not waiting to find the cup, but finding your hand in the process.

Once in touch, try lifting the cup, just a bit.  
How much of you is involved in the lifting?  
Is anything left out as you hold the cup barely aloft, pause and set it down, 
finding how long it might take to let go fully, 
even after fingers and cup have parted from each other.  

No need to seek:  Find — And be found!

What happens as, now with your hand, you make your way to your face, 
never letting your hand lose track of its own flexible self.
Is there a surprise when fingertips and cheek touch, 
as each discovers the other in a fresh new way. 
Is this surprise enough?  
Or a little beyond surprise into something else?

What comes to life here?

In any moment, we can enter an immediate connection with life itself — 
our life – the life surrounding us, in which we move, and have our being,
— and the life moving within us.

All that we seek is already here. 

Our Presence is truly at hand.

A selection of videos from past classes
can be found on our YouTube channel.

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