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Outside In

Right now, even the air is full of changes.
Rather than just labeling the weather, as good or bad,
Can we sense how these shifts in the world, 
in which we live and move and have our being,
move through us? 

Is there a surprise in seeing our breath?  
Is it changed by our seeing?  are we?

What does a sudden spate of rain or a puff of cold or warm air 
awaken throughout us?  
How deep does it go, beneath our skin?  
shaping our alertness, our mood?
Does our standing change? our walking?

When the afternoon or morning light shifts,
What dims or brightens in us, in our relation to the whole of life?

Sensory Awareness offers the possibility of living more fully in our world,
moment by moment,
and the world living more fully in us.

If we taste these moments, rather than fill them with planning and review, 
We see they are not a rehearsal for life.  

They are life itself.  
We are life itself.
All part of one turning, unceasing change.

As we sense the next minutes arriving. . .
Are we drawn to change directions? 
To step outside?  
Or to hunker in?

Upcoming Classes:

Times are always Saturday, 9 – 10am US West Coast | 12 – 1pm US East Coast | 6 – 7pm Central European Time

Jan. 21: Misty Hannah
Jan. 28: Judyth Weaver
Feb. 4: Leslie French
Feb. 11: Miren Salmeron
Feb. 18: Susan Henning
Feb. 25: Sara Bragin
March 4: Mercedes Lopez

More classes to be announced shortly

A selection of videos from past classes
can be found on our YouTube channel.

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