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These classes are a great opportunity to get a first impression of Sensory Awareness. 

But that’s just the beginning. For many they have become a not-to-be-missed weekly chance to practice with like-minded people from all over the world.

A seasonally changing theme serves as inspiration to explore what it means to live more fully.

9am US West Coast | 12pm US East Coast | 6pm Central European Time

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What’s Between Here and There?

Reflection by Michael Atkinson

Our days are often filled with routine movements which we scarcely seem to notice –
opening a door to go from one room to another,
getting up from the table to retrieve something we’d forgotten,
putting dishes away, checking the mailbox,
opening a window.

The wonder is that, engaged tenderly,
each of these mundane moments can reveal itself a point of real transition,
a change in the world we live in.  

A handshake with the doorknob ushers us into the just-dispelled emptiness of a room hushed and ready to receive us.  

Rising from a chair summons into play a panoply of tugs and balances,
partly mastered as toddlers,
later explored in a Sensory Awareness class,
and just now rediscovered fully in this moment’s dance with gravity.  

A little parade of attitudes hurries past as I glance through the stack of envelopes.

Beneath the dull veneer of habit and inattention,
a fresh world waits to reveal itself, a new life waits to be lived.  

Upcoming Classes:

Times are Saturday, 9 – 10am US West Coast | 12 – 1pm US East Coast | 6 – 7pm Central European Time. (For other time zones, use this converter)

Sept. 2: Stefan Laeng
Sept. 9: Penny Smith
Sept. 16: Shelley Hainer
Sept. 23: Mercedes Lopez
Oct. 7: Misty Hannah
Oct. 14: Richard Lowe

More classes to be announced shortly.

A selection of videos from past classes
can be found on our YouTube channel.

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