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Sensory Awareness focuses on the cultivation of an ever deepening awareness of our sensory experience as a gateway into ourselves and simultaneously into deeper connection with others and the world around us. This depth of connection, with which we are born but may have lost along the way, anchors us in a more responsive and compassionate way of being.

I hope you will find value in what we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you in one of our workshops or classes sometime soon.

Upcoming Workshops Around the World

For classes and more workshops see our Calendar of Events.

April 20 – 21
Bern, Switzerland
Aufgeschlossen leben
mit Stefan Laeng

May 4 – 5
Ulm, Germany

Bewegung aus der Stille
mit Stefan Laeng

May 13 – 31
Costa Rica
Workshop with Sascha Rimasch

June 1
Amherst, Massachusetts

The Ground We Share
with Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng

Aug. 4 – 10
Monhegan Island, ME

Meeting Yourself – Meeting the World, with Ray Fowler

Sept. 27 – 29
Solius, Spain

The Ground We Share
International Sensory Awareness Retreat

Get a Taste of Sensory Awareness / Online Every Saturday

These classes are a great opportunity to get a first impression of Sensory Awareness.

But that’s just the beginning. For many they have become a not-to-be-missed weekly chance to practice with like-minded people from all over the world.

A seasonally changing theme serves as inspiration to explore what it means to live more fully.

Sensing Sundays

Through a series of six Sensory Awareness classes on Zoom you have the chance to anchor your presence and enrich your life.

New Series begins April 21

Learn more and register here

International Sensory Awareness Retreat

Working with Poles

We hope you’ll enjoy this excursion through the decades.
Read about the images in this collage here.

What is Sensory Awareness?

Watch this short video.