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From Isolation to Connection

A selection of recordings from our weekly series of free Sensory Awareness classes in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Sensory Awareness and Mindfulness

This video contrasts Sensory Awareness with other Mindfulness approaches.
Video by Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng Gilliatt

Spontaneous Mindfulness: The Practice of Sensory Awareness

Sensory Awareness is very accessible–after all, we are ‘sensing’ all of the time, we only have to pay attention. In a workshop, the leader guides us to explore our sensory experience with questions. As we connect more deeply to our own experience, we naturally feel a greater sense of connection to the world around us. Gradually, we find that we are more aware in our daily lives. This very experiential work can’t really be understood without experiencing it.

Video by Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng Gilliat

Charlotte Selver: Every Moment is a Moment of Learning

Charlotte Selver, pioneer of Sensory Awareness, talks about the potential for renewal that comes from being present for the newness of every moment. At the time this workshop took place at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California, Charlotte Selver was 101 years of age.

Video by Sascha Rimasch

Spontaneous Reactivity

Video by Sascha Rimasch

Stools and Sitting

Video by Sascha Rimasch

Standing and Poles

Video by Sascha Rimasch

Sitting and Crawling

Video by Sascha Rimasch

Sensory Awareness on Cortes Island

Sensory Awareness on Cortes Island with Judyth Weaver, PhD: Each summer Judyth offers a two-week workshop on Cortes Island, B.C., Canada. Judyth teaches Sensory Awareness in Japan. You will find beautiful photos and essays on her website: