Summer 2016 Newsletter

Sensory Awareness

Summer 2016 Newsletter


Off the Cushion and Into Your Life
Meditation in Action


Hello everyone!

I hope you are finding time to refresh and renew yourselves during these summer months.

At the SAF, we are  gearing up for the second annual workshop on the East Coast coming up October 7 – 9, 2016 at the Garrison Institute in New York. Please scroll down to review important information about this upcoming event, which includes $100 of savings if you register by August 15, 2016.    Or find out more on the website and register now!  
Sensory Awareness is an experiential work, which is often difficult to put into words. Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng Gilliatt have made it more accessible through the creation of two videos, with more planned ahead.

If you haven’t seen their latest one, please take five minutes to watch it now, then forward it to anyone with whom you have wanted to share Sensory Awareness. 


East Coast workshop October 7- 9, 2016  
The Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York


Off the Cushion and Into Your LIfe is the title and theme this Fall. We will explore Sensing as a dynamic contemplative practice that moves off the ‘cushion’ and into all aspects of our lives, helping us to engage more fully and deeply with the world.
How do we live with kindness and compassion, in these uncertain times? How do we show up for life? All of it, grief and joy, comfort and discomfort, ourselves and the living world?How can this work be of service to others through all that we do?  


This year we will be in the main Meditation Hall at Garrison.

There was a waiting list last year.  
Sign up early to ensure your place and choice of accommodations. 

Prices increase by $100 after August 15, 2016.  
  or Call Sara Gordon: 415-507-0996


Follow up on the SAF West Coast Workshop, May 13 – 15, 2016:  Embracing Your True Nature.

It was an amazing time together and many participants expressed deep gratitude for the openness, honesty and vulnerability that they experienced in themselves and from everyone who came.  The changes they experienced have stayed with them in their daily lives.  

Once again Stefan Laeng Gilliatt took wonderful photos and you can see them here!   


Claudia Davenport (L), Leia Sutton Barnes (Top) & Pat Meyer Peterson (R)



Working with weight, resistance & offering support. (Chester Howard)


Enlivening: Tapping with a partner. (Leia Sutton Barnes & Eugene Tashima)


We were happy to offer scholarships to three people who love this work but would not have been able to attend otherwise. Don’t miss it next year when the West Coast workshop will be at the Mt. Madonna Center ,  April 21 – 23, 2017. 
Mt. Madonna is on 355 acres located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California. They offer a wide choice of price ranges and accommodations so that people of all incomes can attend. We also hope to reach out to the many like-minded people on their mailing list to attract new participants to this dynamic work.  


Sensing Sundays is a year old now. People from Belgium, Canada, Spain, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Yukon have participated. Many of those attending have studied Sensing on their own through books and audio files because there were no classes locally available to them. 

Others are long-time students of this work who have become Sensing Sundays’ regulars because it keeps them more aware and awake in their daily lives. Each person has brought such richness and depth to the circle. Join us for the next series of six classes!

Find out more and register for the next series that starts on September 11, 2016, here.

Please know that whatever you read here that reflects a project accomplished or scholarships given, is also a reflection of how your support reaches out to help others.   


That’s all for now. May you find refuge in the beauty and wonder of every moment and inspiration in the pulsing of life within and around you.

I hope to connect with you at a workshop or on a Sensing Sunday’s call in 2016.

If you haven’t already become a member of the Sensory Awareness Foundation,
please join us, the discounts will cover most of your membership costs.


Thank you so much for your support.