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Natural or Performed?




Recording and Transcript

Monhegan Island, August 30, 2001

“Each moment is a moment. . . . . it’s not performed, it’s only allowed. … Give up the performing. Allow more the nature of yourself. … Everybody comes to a standing, which feels natural to you. . . . So that you are not performing…so that you try to find your own nature. . . And any little change in standing or anywhere in you, which is needed, to find your own nature. . . . . Where does it lead me? . . . Where is it that I permit my own nature?”

This is a recording of an actual Sensory Awareness class, not a lecture. We suggest that you take the time to follow Charlotte’s guidance rather than just listening to the recording. We include a transcript because Charlotte is sometimes hard to understand for people who didn’t know her.


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