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Learning to Receive




Recording and Transcript

Monhegan Island, Monhegan, July 30, 1992

“When I came to Elsa Gindler I began to understand what it is to receive. To be there for reception. This one moment of this – the hand on my shoulder. If it would be possible for us . . . to be such a receiver. To let it happen to me. Rather than words. To come more and more into the neighborhood of it. Who understands that? This is really normal. Everything else is abnormal. What we usually do in just listening to words and letting them go through our brain is just the opposite of that what I have been trying to explain to you. …. Words can become experience. . . . When you hear it, does it ring a bell in you, so to say? Can you communicate with it? Can it become felt to you? So that it is not words. Words become experience. You receive. I receive from you when I hear you speak.”

This is a recording of an actual Sensory Awareness class, not a lecture. We suggest that you take the time to follow Charlotte’s guidance rather than just listening to the recording. We include a transcript because Charlotte is sometimes hard to understand for people who didn’t know her.


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