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Freeing the Eyes – Being Open for Seeing




Recording and Transcript

Three Month Study Group at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, March 31, 1993

“Would close your eyelids. . . . It’s already in the before the act of the eyelids close starts, there is this moment and then in the process of it, of readiness that they can close, with all the effects it has already. . . . And when the eyelids are closed, from moment to moment this inner willingness to permit renewing . . . makes resting so beautiful. . . . It’s not that you do anything. The organism has this tendency of renewing. But there is this inner, permitting that it can happen. . . . And I’m as I’m speaking of it, I feel this kind of permissiveness for something which happens by the creative character of our organism. It’s going through and through. So there’s not only that the eyelids close, and there is an occasion for the eyes to come to renewing, but all the cells in me would permit this process too. So it’s not located, here and the rest just keeps mum, you know, but all through us the possibility of joining, permitting, being part of.”

This is a recording of an actual Sensory Awareness class, not a lecture. We suggest that you take the time to follow Charlotte’s guidance rather than just listening to the recording. We include a transcript because Charlotte is sometimes hard to understand for people who didn’t know her.



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