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Exploring the Structure of the Head




Recording and Transcript

Leaders Study Group – July 3, 1990

“Will you go with your hands to the back of your head. … Use your fingertips. It’s a kind of stimulation of this regions which we usually deny existence. You can actually go with both of your hands and use your fingertips and just feel whether you can through pressing there get more of an actual feeling of the bones there. . . . . . . These are – there are nerves which go through this area, underneath the skull. On and on they go til into our feet. So when you stimulate this region, you may be able through pressure here or there to get stimulation through the bone into the interior, there where the beginning of the nerves are. Would you — you follow your own need and just create for a while pressure and reduce the pressure and go away and allow another. Everywhere where you feel I would like to feel clearer that I exist. . . . . . . And follow your own need.”

This is a recording of an actual Sensory Awareness class, not a lecture. We suggest that you take the time to follow Charlotte’s guidance rather than just listening to the recording. We include a transcript because Charlotte is sometimes hard to understand for people who didn’t know her.


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