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Sever Woll, St. Cloud, Florida: Life is Good

Sever Woll, St. Cloud, Florida: Life is Good

Sever-WollLife is good. Sever Woll was born 1944 in Alton, Illinois. His first and most vivid memory is being 7 years old standing in a vacant wild field and feeling this is who he really is – one with nature. He grew up with his two younger brothers; his doctor dad,in Wood River, IL; and his nurse mom in Kirkwood, MO, near St. Louis where he graduated from high school ready to travel and explore.

Nine years and three degrees in many “Ologies” in universities in Colorado left Sever with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Fishery Science and a Master of Religious Ed. Next came post – grad. studies at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA., Zen Buddhism Studies; Hinduism, Shaivism, and Daoism. These questings, plus 35 years of Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver and 25 years of Tai Chi have led to his leading classes and workshops in nature awareness, sensing consciously, movement and meditation.

Sever has persued a lifelong occupation in nature art. Experiences in Alaska inspired his art work. He studied migrating salmon in the vast Aleutian tundra as a biologist. He roamed, as a naturalist, large lakes, volcanic mountains, and Kodiak Bear inhabited rivers of Katmai N.P. As a ranger, he patrolled iceberg cluttered fiords of Glacier Bay N.P.

As a museum artist at Rocky Mountain N.P, he studied art with noted Austrian and Japanese artists. Sever, has had showings of his art work in cities across the U.S.A. In his paintings are panoramas of space and solitude, of being with oneself in nature. Sever is the proud dad of a wonderful son Sky, age 13.


Sever has lived, traveled, and studied with teachers and masters around the world. Home is now gratefully St. Cloud, FL. After all this exploring, where does Sever find the final answer? Too sit, lie, stand, and walk in Beauty is to come close. For Sever, to wonder and wander is to live. Life is Good.

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  1. I agree, Randy. I have been collecting shorter pieces and photographs, but need to find time to post them. It’s a process. I hope that the blog will have a different look in a few months. Thanks for reading and thanks for your astute observations.

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