Dear Leaders:
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Dear Sensory Awareness Leaders,

It’s time to renew your membership in both the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild and the Sensory Awareness Foundation for 2019. As in the past, your memberships can be combined in a discounted single payment of $125. For other options and the benefits of a SALG membership see further down.

Please read Stefan’s letter about the SAF’s annual appeal below.

Thank you so much for your participation and support!

Warm wishes,

Enric Bruguera, Pat Meyer-Peterson, and Michael Richter

Eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt es nicht.
Stefan gibt auf Anfrage aber gerne Auskunft.

Dear Friends of Sensory Awareness,

In a recent workshop in Ulm, Germany, a participant called Sensory Awareness Friedensarbeit, peace-work.
In another workshop near Bonn someone said it’s the foundation of everything.
Asked what Sensory Awareness is about, I often simply say connection.

We live in a fractured world. We have conflicts within ourselves and between ourselves and others. Through the practice of Sensory Awareness, we can work toward healing those fractures and cultivate a culture of responsive collaboration, within and without.

The purpose of the Sensory Awareness Foundation is to make this practice known and available. We particularly want to make it available to a younger generation of people in need of a foundation to move on from conflict to collaboration.

Please join the Foundation in its work by becoming a member or renewing your membership and including a generous donation. Read on below to learn more about our plans for the coming year and some gifts we’d like to share with you.

Thank you.

Stefan Laeng

Executive Director

The SAF is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US.


Moving into the World. Denise Gabriel’s class in New York City.


In 2018, with your help

  • We organized 3 major Workshops at: 
    Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, CA,
    Pearl Studios in New York City,
    Fraueninsel im Chiemsee, Germany.
  • We offered the Sensing Sundays phone class series 3 times, for a total of 18 classes.
    This remains a popular program, bringing the practice right into your home.
  • We gave away scholarships at all of our events, making it possible for veterans, students, and people with low income to attend.
  • We gave financial support to 3 Sensory Awareness Leaders in Mexico to offer affordable workshops for low-income populations.


 For 2019, we are planning

  • A West Coast workshop at Shambhala Center in Berkeley, CA, on April 13 – 14.
  • An East Coast workshop in New York City, on October 5 – 6.
    Both will be non-residential weekends, open to all generations, and specifically designed to be affordable and attractive for new students and younger people. 
  • We are working toward organizing more SAF sponsored workshops in other cities.
  • We continue working toward a broader community base by reaching out to younger people through channels they prefer, like social media and a newly designed, device-friendly website. 
  • We will again be able to give scholarships to students, veterans, and others who will be grateful for your support.

Meeting Water – Meeting Sand: Discovering Life’s Fluidity.
Ute Strub’s class on the Fraueninsel im Chiemsee, Germany.


Present with Myself.
Class with Michael Richter at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, CA.

Our major workshops are also an opportunity for Sensory Awareness leaders to meet.
Lilith Pincus, Pat Baxter, Leslie French, Carol Buck, Marsha Glassey, Chester Howard,
Denise Gabriel, Laurie Latner, Ray Fowler, Pat Meyer-Peterson,
at the leaders meeting before the workshop in New York City.


All of this is only possible with your help.

Thank you.


Every dollar makes a difference.
We are grateful for the smallest of
donations just as much as for large ones.

(See the right column for explanation of levels)


Giving and Receiving
As a thank you for your support of the Sensory Awareness Foundation we also want to give to you.

Level 1 up to $100: We will send you a newly illustrated pdf version of Charlotte Selver’s pamphlet A Taste of Sensory Awareness (also included with all higher level gifts).

Level 2 up to $250: 15% discount on Sensing Sundays classes, annual national workshops, books, and audio downloads

Level 3 up to $500: 1 series of Sensing Sundays, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 discounts.

Level 4 up to $750: 2 series of Sensing Sundays, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 discounts.

Level 5 up to $1,000: 2 individual sessions with Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 and 4 gifts.

Level 6 up to $2,500: Tuition to 1 national workshop, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2, 3, and 5 gifts.

Level 7 up to $5000: Tuition to 2 national workshops, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2, 3, and 5 gifts.

Level 8 up to $10,000: Tuition to one workshop with Lee Klinger Lesser for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice. Plus level 2 discounts and one more choice from any other level.

Level 9 above $10,000: All gifts from all levels, 1 through 8.