Sensory Awareness Foundation


SALG / SAF Memberships 2024

We invite you to renew your memberships in SAF and SALG for the 2024 calendar year.

The combined membership fee is $145.*

You can also choose to only be a member of SALG at $50 or SAF for $120. Membership benefits are listed below.

In 2023, the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild:

  • Translated and printed the book of writings by Leaders, “On Leading” into Spanish.
  • Held monthly Leaders’ Zoom sessions, some bilingual.
  • Welcomed 5 new leaders, some of whom participated in the SALTI program, and all of whom completed the requirements to be a new member of the Guild.
  • Had an in-person meeting on March 24 in Berkeley, California. Followed by a public weekend workshop
  • Had another in-person meeting on , October 6 in New York City, followed by a public weekend workshop.

In 2024

we will be holding a 2-day meeting at L’EIX center in Palafrugell (Girona-Spain) on September 25-26, not far from Solius monastery, where the SAF’s international public weekend workshop will take place on Sept. 27 – 29.

News from the Sensory Awareness Foundation:

In 2024, we’ll be continuing to offer our online classes in English, Spanish and German. In addition – and in a bit of a change of our usual programming – we’re working on in-person workshops that are more accessible and affordable. For North America, we imagine one-day workshops in or near cities like New York, Boston, Toronto, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Mexico City – but also in smaller towns. Charlottesville, Virginia? Or maybe one near you? Would you like to help organize a workshop in your region? Please let us hear your thoughts.

Our one big event in 2024 will be an international residential retreat in Solius, Spain on September 27 – 29, 2024. (More information on that will soon be posted.)

It’s important to us that the workshops are affordable and that the leaders receive some compensation for their work. This is only possible with your generosity. Your membership, with its benefits, is one way of supporting our activities. Your additional donations, large and small, are essential to making this possible.

SALG Member Benefits:

  • Listing on SAF Directory of Leaders
  • Quarterly [?] SALG zoom sessions including Sensing and discussion of issues about Leading.
  • Many resources on “Leaders Only” page: recordings of Leaders’ classes, media resources for leaders, lending library, archives of interviews with earlier leaders.
  • Printed copy of On Leading, in English or in Spanish, as well as booklets on leading by Mary Alice Roche and Terry Ray.
  • Free in person meetings of SALG, often prior to SAF in-person workshops.

SAF Member Benefits:

  • Free Saturday Zoom classes and monthly classes in Spanish
  • Free access to the recordings of these classes
  • 20% discount on Sensing Sundays 
  • 20% discount weekend workshops (Zoom or in-person)
  • 20% discount on audio and printed publications
  • Listing of your classes and workshops on SAF website

Thank you for joining us in supporting this important work.

With much gratitude,

Enric Bruguera, Pat Meyer-Peterson, Michael Richter for SALG
Stefan Laeng, with the SAF Board of Directors

* Combined membership now starts at $145 per year.(This is the first increase of the SAF part of your membership in well over a decade . To ease you into it, we will also leave the option of the previous combined $125 membership in place for 2024.)