Sensory Awareness Foundation


SALG / SAF Memberships 2023

Dear Leaders,

We invite you to renew your memberships in SAF and SALG for the 2023 calendar year.

The combined membership fee is $125. You can also choose to only be a member of SALG at $50 or SAF for $100. Membership benefits are listed below.

In 2022, the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild:

  • Created a book of writings by Leaders, “On Leading” (so far in English; soon in Spanish)
  • Held monthly Leaders’ Zoom sessions, some bilingual.
  • Welcomed 4 new leaders, some of whom participated in the SALTI program, and all of whom completed the requirements to be a new member of the Guild.

SALG Meeting, March 24, 2023 in Berkeley, California!
We are delighted to let you know that we’ll finally meet in person again in 2023. Pat Meyer-Peterson will lead the day-long meeting. It will be followed by a public workshop on the weekend of March 25 -26. Stay tuned for more details.

News from the Sensory Awareness Foundation:
Working with members of SALG, the Foundation has made big changes and significantly increased the number of people who regularly take our classes and workshops. With your support this year, we have been able to connect 37 Leaders with participants worldwide through:

  • 50 online Saturday classes
  • 24 weeks of Sensing Sundays
  • 12 classes each in Spanish and in German
  • 2 weekend retreats  
  • and we have increased the SAF membership by 25%.

To help manage all this, we’ve hired a part-time Administrative Assistant, Courtney Fontone, who happily already has her hands full.

What’s up next in 2023?
With your membership and support, we will:

  • Return to in-person workshops, starting with Berkeley on the weekend of March 25 – 26, 2023.
  • Continue our highly successful weekly online classes, the monthly classes in Spanish, occasional classes in German & amp the Sensing Sundays series.
  • Continue outreach to a broader audience and connect with like-minded groups and organizations.

Beyond your membership, consider an additional contribution. These extra funds: 

  • Support our further outreach.
  • Allow us to give scholarships for classes and workshops.
  • Let us plan and convene regional gatherings in Europe and the Americas.

SALG Member Benefits:

  • Listing on SAF Directory of Leaders
  • Monthly SALG zoom sessions including Sensing and discussion of issues about Leading.
  • Many resources on “Leaders Only” page: recordings of Leaders’ classes, media resources for leaders, lending library, archives of interviews with earlier leaders.
  • Printed copy of On Leading (Currently in English; soon also in Spanish), as well as booklets on leading by Mary Alice Roche and Terry Ray.
  • Free in person meetings of SALG, often prior to SAF in-person workshops.

SAF Member Benefits:

  • Free Saturday Zoom classes and monthly classes in Spanish
  • Free access to the recordings of these classes
  • 20% discount on Sensing Sundays 
  • 20% discount weekend workshops (Zoom or in-person)
  • 20% discount on audio and printed publications
  • Listing of your classes and workshops on SAF website
  • Knowing you are helping to spread this vital, life-transforming work.

Thank you for joining us in supporting this important work.

With much gratitude,

Enric Bruguera, Pat Meyer-Peterson, Michael Richter for SALG
Stefan Laeng for the SAF Board of Directors