Sensory Awareness Foundation


SALG / SAF Memberships 2021 – English

Another unusual year for Sensory Awareness is coming to its end. Members of the Leaders Guild continued to work hand in hand with the Foundation to meet the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. What began 18 months ago as the need to cancel an in-person SAF workshop was transformed into a meaningful response to an ongoing, profound social need. 

The weekly online sessions have allowed more people than ever before to experience Sensory Awareness first hand. Long-time practitioners — and a remarkable number of beginners — keep coming back for our free Saturday sessions, with growing appreciation for the work.

In all likelihood, we are going to be living with the physical and social effects of Covid-19 for some time. To continue to offer these meaningful Saturday classes, we need to make them sustainable with two changes: 

  • Beginning in January, we will pay leaders $100 for each class they give, including the newly offered classes in German and Spanish. This is a way of acknowledging our gratitude and respect for your work — from the thoughtful preparation, through the technical setup, to the sessions themselves. 
  • These online classes will be free only for members of the Sensory Awareness Foundation. Non-members may attend their first session free, and will be asked to pay an affordable $10 for subsequent sessions. 

You can read in more detail about this and our other plans for 2022 here.

To support us in doing all of this and more, we ask you to renew your memberships with SALG and the SAF. In addition to the general benefits for Foundation members (detailed on the website): 

  • Membership in the Leaders Guild entitles leaders to be listed in the Directory of Leaders on the SAF website and offers other benefits, such as the monthly Leaders Sensing Calls and access to the expansive resources on the Leaders Pages.
  • The combined SAF/SALG membership additionally entitles leaders to have their classes and workshops listed in the Calendar of Events on the Foundation website.

As we have done for some years, we again offer the benefit of a combined membership at the lower price of $125 (which can also be paid in monthly installments).

Beyond membership fees, the Sensory Awareness Foundation relies on everyone’s generosity to continue its work. Thank you for considering an extra donation. Find out more about that on our website and the membership form.

Thank you for being a member of the Leaders Guild and the Foundation as we move ahead together – expanding our offerings and outreach, and solidifying our financial endowment so that we can continue to offer this transformative work for many years to come. 


Enric Bruguera, Pat Meyer-Peterson, Michael Richter for SALG
Stefan Laeng for the SAF Board of Directors