SALG Membership 2020 English

Dear Sensory Awareness Leaders,

It has been a remarkable year for Sensory Awareness! 

When the pandemic forced us to cancel in-person workshops, we made a bold move and offered those workshops for free online.  The response took our breath away: 125 people attended our initial online weekend, demonstrating real appreciation and longing for this work.  So, drawing on the skills and generosity of our community of Leaders, we set up weekly hour-long Saturday sessions, attended by 60 to 70 people every week. 

Familiar faces from prior workshops; brand new faces, tipped off by a friend; long term practitioners and Leaders who had not been able to attend in-person workshops for years—all popped up on the zoom screens, and returned for more.  After running these weekly sessions all summer, we thought to cut back to once a month.  But the enthusiasm of Guild Leaders matched that of the attendees, and the weekly offerings continue. 

So Sensory Awareness is being shared more broadly and more frequently than ever before.  And that’s a wonderful way to go into the 50th anniversary year of the Sensory Awareness Foundation in 2021. 

The difficulty is, of course, that these free classes don’t bring in money as in-person workshops can—and expenses continue. So we are asking for your help.  In addition to renewing your combined SALG and SAF memberships for $125, we are hoping that you’ll celebrate the SAF’s 50th by adding some multiple of $50 to your membership payment.  $50, $150, $500, $2050: you name it, and we’re grateful for it.  It will help sustain a transition period in which free online offerings continue even as paid workshops make their way back into the schedule.  To renew memberships and to make a donation on top of that, go to the right-hand panel.*

There is no time like the present to take a clear and satisfying action — and receiving your membership and donation early this year, by October 31, will allow our office to avoid the tangles that occur at year’s end.  

As always, we at the Foundation and Guild are here for you.  We want to acknowledge that this has been a challenging time for many of us. Please let us know what works for you.  You are our reason for being!!

Questions or requests:  contact any of us listed below 


Enric, Pat, Michael R., and Stefan

*If you prefer to send us a check you can make it out to the
Sensory Awareness Foundation
and mail it to
PO Box 3298
Peterborough NH 03458

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