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Dear Sensory Awareness Leaders,

It’s time to renew your membership in both the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild and the Sensory Awareness Foundation for 2020. As in the past, your memberships can be combined in a discounted single payment of $125. For other options and the benefits of a SALG membership, see further down. 

Please read Stefan’s letter about the SAF’s annual appeal below.

Thank you so much for your  participation and support!

Warm wishes,

Enric Bruguera, Pat Meyer-Peterson, and Michael Richter

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Eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt es nicht. Stefan gibt auf Anfrage aber gerne Auskunft.

Dear Friends of Sensory Awareness,

How do you answer when people ask you what Sensory Awareness is? Many of us, even seasoned practitioners, are easily flummoxed by this question. We know exactly what it is, as long as nobody asks. We clearly know and cherish its impact in our lives, but we don’t know how to talk about it. The work seems to defy definition, maybe because it is less a technique than an embodied way of living. Sensory Awareness is “being responsive” and “being there” for what is happening in the moment. Its effectiveness is based on experienced contact, which is different from applying a technique to achieve a desired result.

Sensory Awareness is embodied participation. It’s a process of “listening,” of sensing. Change happens when we communicate. Simple to say, but not easy to do in a goal oriented culture. Being present is not simply a passive state; it is interactive, communicative in nature. Coming into our own presence attunes us to other presences — people, trees, gravity, or the very ground on which we stand. 

In a recent three-day workshop with mental health professionals in Germany, a nurse was close to tears when she first introduced herself. She said she was burned out and hoped that this obscure mindfulness practice would hold something for her. At the end of the workshop, she shared that she felt like she had her life back. She was struck by how simple it really is: she had never before consciously felt the support of the ground beneath her. It was a true revelation. “I can feel myself again,” she exclaimed, “and I feel that I have a right to be here and take care of myself.” There was no magical trick to my work, no teaching of a technique, just the repeated question: can you feel that there is something under you, and can you feel that you are supported by that presence? She could, quite immediately. The change was profound, in her own words and in her appearance. 

As the year comes to an end, I ask for your response to the ongoing work of the Sensory Awareness Foundation. Since its founding in 1971, almost 50 years ago, the SAF has been a steady presence. Through its publications and workshops, and through its support of Sensory Awareness leaders all over the world it has been asking the simplest, most profound of questions: “can you feel the support beneath you?” 

The purpose of the Sensory Awareness Foundation is to make this practice known and available. We are asking for your participation now. You make possible our regular gatherings on the US East and West Coasts (The Berkeley workshop will be on April 18-19, 2020). You will help us continue the popular Sensing Sundays phone sessions. With your help, we will also be able to sponsor affordable workshops in other cities, such as the one we offered in Toronto, Canada, last summer. Soon, we will also begin to work toward another larger gathering in Europe in 2021, which will likely take place in Spain.

Please join the SAF in its work by becoming a member or generously renewing your membership and including a donation.

Thank you,

Stefan Laeng

Executive Director

The SAF is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US.

Every dollar makes a difference.
We are grateful for the smallest of
donations just as much as for large ones.

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Memberships / 

Giving and Receiving
As a thank you for your support of the Sensory Awareness Foundation we also want to give to you.

For a donation of:

  • Level 2, $100 to $250:  15% discount on Sensing Sundays classes, annual national workshops, books, and audio downloads.
  • Level 3, up to $500: 1 series of Sensing Sundays, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 discounts.
  • Level 4, up to $750: 2 series of Sensing Sundays, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 discounts.
  • Level 5, up to $1,000: 2 individual sessions with Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2 and 4 gifts.
  • Level 6, up to $2,500: Tuition to 1 national workshop, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2, 3, and 5 gifts.
  • Level 7, up to $5000: Tuition to 2 national workshops, for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice, plus level 2, 3, and 5 gifts.
  • Level 8, up to $10,000: Tuition to one workshop with Lee Klinger Lesser for yourself or as a gift to a person of your choice plus level 2 discounts and one more choice from any other level.
  • Level 9, more than $10,000: All gifts from all levels.