Sensory Awareness Foundation


SALG By-Laws

Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild

(A California Nonprofit Professional Association)

BY-LAWS (As revised August 18, 2009)




In order to offer with the greatest possible integrity the practice known as Sensory Awareness, the members of this Guild have joined together:

(1) To provide a forum for mutual support and for the communication of ideas, information and inspiration.

(2) To work together to deepen our understanding of and connection with the practice originated by Elsa Gindler as later offered by Charlotte Selver.




The Association shall have one class of members whose rights and interest shall be equal. The membership is open to all persons who have been approved by Charlotte Selver to lead others in the practice originated by Elsa Gindler and later offered and named by Charlotte Selver as “Sensory Awareness.” Leaders approved by Charlotte Selver to teach Sensory Awareness have the right to give such permission to well-suited students, who in turn will have this right, and so on. All such leaders will be eligible to apply for membership in the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild.

For MEMBERSHIP in the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild: An approved leader who wishes to apply for membership in the Guild, shall have a sponsoring Guild member (Sponsor) who will collaborate with two other Guild members and, as a team, will create an appropriate plan for the specific situation. As part of this plan, the applicant shall demonstrate extensive experience with the practice of Sensory Awareness and the sponsor shall have observed the applicant as a leader. When the team is satisfied that the applicant has met the requirements of their plan, each member of the team shall then write to the President (or representing officer) of the Guild, recommending the new leader for membership. The President (or representing officer) shall then send an invitation to the applicant to join the Guild.

Membership in the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild shall continue only for so long a period as a member has paid the appropriate amount of yearly dues in a timely manner. Payment not received in a timely manner will result in termination of membership. Upon receipt of dues, membership so terminated will be reinstated the following year.

The voting rights of this Association shall be vested in the members thereof. Each member will have one vote equal to the vote of every other member.

A majority vote of the membership is needed to pass any proposal, or add to, delete or amend any of the Association’s by-laws. For the election of officers the greatest total of votes cast will elect a particular candidate.

To place a proposal or candidate up for election a petition containing 3 current members’ signatures must be submitted to the president of the Association. Any petition nominating a candidate must also include the candidate’s signature as well as the other 3 members’ signatures.

Elections on proposals or for changes in the by-laws can be held as the need arises. The election of officers shall, unless there is a vacancy, confirm to the terms of office and shall be held within 6 months of the expiration of said terms of office.



Section 1. OFFICERS

The officers of the Association shall consist of a president and a vice-president. Both the president’s and vice president’s term of office shall be 2 years in duration, beginning and ending on October 15.

If the president is unable to fulfill his or her duties of office because of death, resignation or any other cause, these duties will be fulfilled by the vice president.




The Association shall maintain adequate and correct records of its business and assets. All such records shall be kept in the possession of the then current president. The membership register, the books of account and an accurate copy of these by-laws, as amended or otherwise altered to date, certified by the president shall be open for inspection by members of the Association.


These by-laws may be amended by the vote of the members (see Article 2, Section 3). Whenever an amendment or new by-law is adopted, it shall be copied in the book of by-laws with the original by-laws, in the appropriate place. If any by-law is repealed, the fact of repeal with the date on which the repeal was enacted through a vote of the members shall be stated in said book.