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This blog is an offering from a broad range of people who have taken Sensory Awareness into their lives. It reflects the many different voices of this practice across the globe. 

You will find the writings of members of the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild; long-time practitioners from the past and present; contributors from related practices or someone who just has an interesting experience to share about how Sensing has influenced their lives.

Check back regularly to be inspired by these evocative posts, which will also be archived.

Steps to Seeing with Bob Smith

Taking a fresh look at the natural world – with or without a camera – is at the heart of Bob Smith’s Steps to Seeing classes on Monhegan Island in Maine. Bob has been offering these classes for many years in the summer months and he will do so again this summer. Stefan Laeng interviewed Bob about his experience with Sensory Awareness  on March 23, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. The following excerpt focuses on these classes that Bob offers to visitors...
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Sensory Awareness, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness

By Richard Lowe, LMFT                “To capitalize on the body in therapy calls for a shift in emphasis from conversation to mindful exploration; from a sole focus on emotions and thoughts to the inclusion of body sensation, posture, and movements; from discussing new possibilities to experimenting with new actions.”                                 —Pat Ogden, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy   As both an evolving science and an art, psychotherapy appears to be moving into an exciting new era in which...
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Sensory Awareness: The Art of Living Fully

By Judyth O. Weaver, PhD www.judythweaver.com Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more in touch with oneself. Not attached to any theory or method, the work transcends dogmas, disciplines, and forms. It brings us to immediate, direct experience through which we can rediscover and return to our own natural ways of being – to our birthrights. How can we know another until we know ourselves? If we do not fully experience our own feelings, how can we understand the...
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An Invitation to Pause through the Practice of Sensory Awareness

By Lee Klinger Lesser “There is no right experience. The practice is being present for what is happening, and that is different for each person.” This practice is very simple. We slow down to pay attention to our sensations. We are developing “Sensory Literacy,” so that in any moment our sensations can help to ground us and connect us to the present moment. It is very direct and immediate. It is only in the present that we can experience sensations,...
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