Sensory Awareness Foundation


Online Retreat 2021.04

Saturday and Sunday, April 10 + 11, 2021

with Sensory Awareness Leaders

Misty Hannah , Richard Lowe, Miren Salmeron, Michael Richter

Michael Richter – Accepting How it Is
Miren Salmeron – Softening the Tight Spaces Within
Misty Hannah – Resting in Uncertainty
Richard Lowe – Opening to Fuller Connection

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9am – 12pm PDT   |   12 – 3pm EDT   |   6 – 9pm CEST   
on Saturday and Sunday

Via the Zoom* online conference platform.

In the midst of this turbulent time, we can rely on the tools that Sensory Awareness is offering – embodied presence through felt explorations of everyday movements and activities.

Sensory Awareness is grounded in our physical presence. Reconnecting with the most basic facts of living, we discover the personal strength we need while remaining sensitive, open. Meeting our heightened uncertainties, we can open up with strength, rather than shutting down or spinning out.

Fully experiencing what is beneath us, we discover the support it offers—and learn how it is to live supported every step of our way. The sense of fear diminishes. Clenched fist becomes open hand, truly able to receive, and to give. The contracted heart opens. Lived with such awareness, each moment can become a refuge from the storm.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to make Sensory Awareness freely available to many people across the world in these challenging times. If you feel called to support our work, we welcome your tax-deductible contribution to our efforts.

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