Off the Cushion and Into Your Life! Photos from the 2016 East Coast Workshop

We gathered at the Garrison Institute, October 7 – 9, 2016  to explore Sensory Awareness and build community together.




“When I came more into my body, I felt a more intimate connection with others.
It’s like intimacy and connection with strangers is just a veil away.”

                                                                                   —Tom Roepke
                                                                                       Workshop participant

Judyth Weaver Leading.  Laurie Latner on left.                              Outside with Judyth Weaver.

The giant fungi we all thought was a plaster sculpture.



And the collaborative sculpture we made from
that giant fungi and other natural beings.



Don Tow

Lee Klinger Lesser

Tom Roepke


Sticks and Stones.

Balance. Weight. Gravity. Support. Connection.

How much do we want to do it ‘right’? Is it okay when the stone falls?

A small stone, this floor, this air, this stick. What is it to really experience the world within and around us?

How is it that even the weight of a small stone can offer us something?

How is it that the discovery of balance with a crooked stick offers some wisdom to our bones?

Of resting, of being embodied, of contact, of soothing….and on and on.

Yumeji Johnson

Sara Gordon

Elizabeth Castagna

Reanne Roane

Scott Lederman

With our eyes closed, can we sense the other person as we lift and carry something together. Can we find a way to work together? Give and receive?

Clair Howard and Nancy Wickens



Lilith Pincus & Vanessa Meade
Quiet together

Tom Roepke and Betsy Reid
Just being there.

 Eating with the Senses Wide Open

Feeling the weight and texture
of the berries.

Sara Bragin leading.

Michelle Vanca
Tasting with the sense of smell.

Giving and receiving.

Laurie Latner


“I am enjoying tasting much more….and eating less.”

                                                                                                   Helen Saffran
                                                                                                   One week after the workshop

Enric Bruguera
Exploring Hearing
Inside and Outside

Elizabeth Castagna
Judyth Weaver
Sharing experiences

Reane Roane
Full Attention

Foreground from left: Eugene Tashima & Laurie Latner
Background from left: Karine Bacynzski & Lilith Pincus

Lee Klinger Lesser leading (with bowl on right).


Thanks to all of the participants.  Thanks to all of the Leaders.

Members of the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild who were in attendance.