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Memories of Charlotte Selver

This Was Your Experience 

Memories of Charlotte Selver

Saturday, August 19 | on Zoom

9 – 10:30am PDT | 12 – 1:30pm EDT | 6 – 7:30pm CEST | 5 – 6:30pm BST |
10 – 11:30am CST (Mexico City) | Sun. 1 – 2:30am Japan

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Join us on zoom Saturday, August 19, to share memories and hear stories of Sensory Awareness pioneer Charlotte Selver, who died 20 years ago, on August 22, 2003.

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This was your experience – now forget it,” Charlotte would often say after someone shared their experience in class. What may have sounded to some as questioning what they shared, was really an encouragement let go of expectations, so that there is room for new discoveries.

We hope you haven’t forgotten your experiences with Charlotte or – if you never met her – we hope that you will be curious to hear how some of us remember our times with Charlotte Selver. 

While we will give plenty of space for memories, this is also an opportunity to ask questions you might have, especially if you are new to this practice – and to look ahead together, to imagine possible next steps for Sensory Awareness and the work of the Foundation.

Please note: This free event, hosted by Stefan Laeng, takes the place of our regular Saturday class on August 19. If you are registered to receive weekly class emails, look for the separate announcements for the Aug. 12 and 19 classes.