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Marlene Zweig, Denver, Colorado

Marlene Zweig, Denver, Colorado

Marlene-ZweigoptI think that I’ve always had a desire to “really taste” life.  I wanted to learn how, and to actually “live”, before I died.  Of course, I had no idea how to do that but I was determined to find out.  For a long time I gathered intellectual ideas, which I found fascinating.  But there was this gnawing feeling that I wasn’t getting it, really.  I was learning a lot about life but I didn’t feel that I was actually living it.   Then, for a time, I threw myself into a lot of activity, hoping that by immersing myself in sheer quantity I would feel alive.  But that tack turned out to be taking me even farther away from my goal.

When I began to study Sensory Awareness with Charlotte, I learned how to go about “tasting” an experience.  I began to learn that the ability to experience is an art and that it requires development.  I felt heartened.  This was what I was looking for!   But it  was clear that it was not going to be easy; that it would take a lot of work.  Later, I began to understand that the key was not so much in what I did or in how much I did, but  was in the quality with which I approached whatever I did… even simple things like washing the dishes.  I learned that to be able to really experience …to taste…holding the hand of  a friend was IT!  To be able to really receive the touch of that friend’s hand — not just with my hand, but with my entire being — was what it was all about.  To be able to really experience a sunset — not just with my eyes — but with my entirety, so that there is a feeling of being  touched by that sunset and, yes, fulfilled (or filled full) by it.  I felt that I was beginning to live.

So now I know, not with my intellect, what sensitivity is.  And it is certainly an art; one worth taking the time and effort to cultivate.  I decided, then, that what I wanted to do with my life was to cultivate this very precious art and to share it with others.  I’m doing that now.  And I will be forever grateful to Charlotte for the understanding and for the very precious path.

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