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Learning To Receive


hands and stonesBe it through hearing, touch, taste or seeing, when the senses are stimulated the whole organism is transformed into a feeling entity – into a sensitive entity. However, this can only happen when the mind is clear. That means not sharp. That means cleared out like when you make general cleaning and you take all the furniture out, and all the dust away and all the dirt and everything, so that the whole room becomes cleaned and open, quiet. This ‘radio in our head’ becomes silent as you let go of thoughts, and peace can come, when you are more quiet, more open in your head. That is not sleeping or dreaming – it’s like when something is really clean, so it’s free for reception. And then we have to learn to allow that what is happening inside: the beating of the heart. The coming and going of air. Not creating anything. Letting everything be as it happens and letting it change, if it changes. No expectations, no criticisms, no emotions. Just like a clear lake, very quiet.

This article is an edited excerpt from the newly published audio tape by Charlotte Selver’s July 30, 1992 class on Monhegan Island in Maine.

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