Invitations – Recorded Experiments, to follow at home

Here are some invitations to take some time to be led by another leader in an experiment.  Like other elements on the website, these will change every few months, so you’re welcome to return and see what’s new.


Seymour Carter – A More Complete Lying Down

Apr. 28, 2015 – Seymour Carter – A More Complete Lying Down — Recorded at the Vallombrosa conference in the spring of 2011, in this session Seymour invites us to a more satisfying experience of coming to rest in lying down.

Nowhere to go, Nothing to do (new)

Apr. 19, 2015 – Lee Lesser’s invitation to experiment is a 33 minute excerpt from a phone session with her Leaders Group. She begins by discussing how the question to explore with the group emerged that very morning, and then offers the experiment. Lee asks only that you take a little time to settle before beginning.

A Glass of Water

Jul 29, 2014 – Enric Bruguera’s experiment is a 33 minute segment of his SALG conference call session of April (the full recording of which can be found in the Conference Call section of this website, below). Enric asks that before clicking the play button, you be seated comfortably and have a full glass of water within reach, but not yet at hand.


Jul 29, 2014 – Francesca Khanna’s experiment, 37 minutes long, asks that you locate yourself in a familiar room full of things you know, and bring along a rubber band: any sort will do, but she’s using one of the sort that holds broccoli in the store.

Balance and Imbalance

Apr 7, 2014 – Michael Atkinson’s experiment, about 40 minutes, works with balance and imbalance in various ways. A stretch of room in which to walk a bit, and a floor on which to lie down should be all you need.

Reaching High

Apr 7, 2014 – Bob Smith’s experiment, about 50 minutes long, explores what appears as we reach high in a sustained way. Before clicking the play button, find two flat stones, suitable for resting atop your standing feet, and another stone that fits nicely in the hand.

Below are several recordings from our Leaders meeting, each labeled briefly.

Pat Meyer-Peterson welcomes Leaders to the gathering with an experiment.

Sara Bragin explores what it’s like to accept that we’re tired at the end of a long day.

Laurie Latner explores gravity and connection.

Lilith begins her session with characteristic panache, before the recorder gave out (2 min)

Ray Fowler takes the class outdoors in the first audio

And Ray’s group discusses what they encountered in being outdoors in the second session.

Eugene Tashima speaks of how he arrived at his style of Guided Meditation — followed by a half hour of meditation itself