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We are particularly lucky that several leaders have interviewed each other over the years, whether as an inspiration to seize the moment or as part of a longer project. New interviews will appear from time to time, so you’re invited to check back.

In 1999, wanting to preserve some of the heritage of Sensory Awareness in a way that could readily be shared with others, Louise Boedeker and John Vitell arranged to conduct video interviews with several leaders, including Mary Alice Roche, Ruth Veselko and Charlotte Read, with John behind the camera and Louise in the interviewer’s chair.  Each interview is a bit over an hour long, and each offers fresh perspectives on Sensory Awareness.

Eduardo Maldonado filmed hours of Charlotte Selver’s 1992 twelve-day Sensory Awareness workshop in Barra de Navidad, and then selected and edited Ten Moments which captured highlights – and perhaps the essence — of the experience as a whole.

Stefan Laeng-Gilliat’s Charlotte Selver Oral History and Book Project has resulted in many engaging interviews, including the one with Sophia Rosoff, posted below.

Our Heritage

Charlotte’s 100th Birthday an Essay by Lee Klinger Lesser
24 MAR 2016

On April 4, 2001 Charlotte Selver turned 100 years old.  For a long time, Charlotte vacillated about what to do on her birthday.  She knew it was a momentous occasion and at the same time it seemed to be overwhelming…
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Video Interview: Charlotte Read
29 JUL 2014

Charlotte Read was a leader of both Sensory Awareness and General Semantics. She explored with deep care ways that the spoken word could lead to direct experiencing. She always led experiments with the utmost clarity.   Once in New York City,…
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Video Interview: Ruth Veselko
30 APR 2014

For students of Charlotte Selver, Ruth Veselko was another direct link to Heinrich Jacoby and the work of Elsa Gindler. She was so humble, simple and joyous. She seemed unburdened by thought and always ready for direct experience.

Charlotte Selver – Every Moment is a Moment of Learning
24 JAN 2014

Charlotte is 101 years old in this remarkable video, and yet her advice is wonderfully fresh.

Video Interview: Mary Alice Roche
23 APR 2014

Mary Alice Roche’s self-deprecating warmth of heart was evident to all who knew her, and her work reached throughout the Sensory Awareness community.   She was instrumental in setting up the Sensory Awareness Foundation, and was responsible for generating most of…
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Interview: Sophia Rosoff

23 APR 2014

Stefan Laeng’s interview with Sophia Rosoff is offered here in two essentially unedited forms: a transcript and the recording from which that transcript was made.  Note that the transcript has links to some of the musicians Sophia Rosoff Treanscript with whom…
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