This is a private page where I will put as much help as possible. –Nohl

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The site is built using the Theme called Charity Hub. Sample pages may be found at:

Need custom icons?
Look here…

Icon cheat sheet…


Home page slider images.

Make 4:3 aspect ratio 600×400


Lots of help is hidden below 😉

    • If you want to add or edit a slideshow – look at the LayerSlider WP menu item on the left first
    • If you want to change the animation speed -> Charity Hub -> Plugin / Slider -> Flex Slider -> Flex Slider Pause Time (play with the number, but it is supposed to be 1000 = 1 second)
    • Except the homepage – that is collection of posts. (sorry)
      • The featured images used in the homepage slideshow are 755 × 472 and 72dpi (dots per inch)
      • !!Slideshow on homepage is in Page Builder

        • Click to enlarge

          Click to enlarge

          Click to enlarge

          Click to enlarge

    • The site uses two Menus –
      • 1. Main Menu – the menu at the top of the screen
      • 2. Leaders – the sidebar menu for leader pages
  • Visit this page for the official Page Builder Video Tutorial
  • Some of the site is built using Page Builder (the option below) and shortcodes (stuff enclosed in square brackets)
    • Examples:
    • This is a shortcode: Click Me
      Click Me

    • page builder example

      Click to Enlarge

      Click to Enlarge

      Click to Enlarge

  • How to crop and size images on your Mac

  • How to upload new blog articles: set up the article/images in a post. check category “Blog”; Put a publish date for the date I want it to show up on the home page.