Sensory Awareness Foundation


The Ground We Share

A series of one-day workshops across North America.

Some of you, who have encountered Sensory Awareness during the pandemic, may never have been to an in-person class. We’d love for you to experience the full potential of our work, which can offer even more when people explore together in the same space.

The Ground We Share is the common theme for all these workshops as well as for our international weekend retreat in Solius, Spain, in September. In this time of division we hope that our work together will help us to re-member, to become again what we have always been, a living member, an integral part of the web of life in all its forms.

This is a “developing story”
For detailed information and registration follow the links below. If you don’t see a link the workshop is still in the planning stage. We’ll add more information as soon as we’re ready for you to sign up, so please check in again.

June 1: Amherst, Massachusetts – with Michael Atkinson and Stefan Laeng

June 29: New York City – with Shelley Hainer and Stefan Laeng

July 14: Berkeley, California – with Richard Lowe and Len Shemin

TBA: Los Angeles, California – with Sara Bragin and Chester Howard

July 27: Toronto, Ontario – with Ruth Kerr, accompanied by Tara Abrams

TBA: Mexico City – with Tony Osornio and Mercedes Lopez

The Ground We Share

When we turn outward to explore our world with open curiosity and increasing sensitivity, we are brought into richer contact with our own capacities, our deepest nature. And if we start from the point of inner exploration, we find ourselves awakening outward to a world of wonder, a renewed landscape in which to thrive.  

Sensory Awareness is a remarkably simple approach to reconnecting with the living moment. Everyday movements rather than exercises, playful explorations, quiet attentiveness rather than effort, take us to a place of renewed engagement with an ever-evolving world.