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Workshop with Ray Fowler, Monhegan Island ME

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Workshop with Ray Fowler on Monhegan Island in Maine.

Starting times: Sun., 2:30 pm; Mon. – Sat.  10 am, 
Additional sessions: Mon. 1:30 pm; Tues. 7:30 pm, Thurs. 7:30 pm

This retreat is based on the practice of Sensory Awareness.

There will be a minimum of 10 gatherings, including mornings and evenings at the one-room schoolhouse and other places around the island.

Cost: $500. after July 1;  $450. before July 1

Contact Ray Fowler to register and/or for more information about the retreat or lodging.

Housing is limited and must be booked well in advance.

Monhegan Island is approximately a one-hour boat ride from Port Clyde, New Harbor and Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Rental parking is available at all harbors.

Monhegan Island is about a mile and a half long and one-half mile wide, approximately ten miles off the coast of central Maine. Most of the Island remains in its natural, pristine state with almost seventeen miles of trails that wind through old growth forests and over granite cliffs rising from the North Atlantic. The Island has become a haven for artists, fishermen and those seeking peace midst the wildness of the Island’s nature.  It is our own nature which tends to flourish in these surroundings as we meet what is in us and around us.

August 6 - August 12


Ray Fowler


Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island, ME 04852 United States