Sensory Awareness Foundation



There lies a great unused richness in us,
which we gradually have to dig out and develop.

When you get to it, you will be astonished by what comes into the open
which you didn’t know was there.

Charlotte Selver

Sensory Awareness focuses on the cultivation of an ever deepening awareness of our sensory experience as a gateway into ourselves and simultaneously into deeper connection with others and the world around us. This depth of connection is innate and, if lost, can be reclaimed. It anchors us in a more responsive and compassionate way of being.

We are grateful for the opportunity to make Sensory Awareness available to many people across the world in these challenging times. Your tax-deductible contribution makes it possible to move this centering and enlivening practice forward. Small gifts are just as welcome as large ones. Thank you so much.

The SAF is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US.

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