Sensory Awareness Foundation


Online Retreat – September 2022

Sept. 10 + 11, 2022

Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 12pm PDT / 12 – 3pm EDT / 6 – 9pm CEST

Deep Connection – Surface and Depth

With Vanessa Meade, Shelley Hainer, Michael Atkinson, and Stefan Laeng

The mystery of Sensory Awareness, its transformative power, is a secret hiding in plain sight. The doors to a deeper life are right on the surfaces of our living, within easy reach. Our hand touches our cheek, and a world of tenderness can open, penetrating our hearts. We lean against a wall, maybe even push against it – hard – and find a wall within ourselves offering resistance — or support — waiting to be met, explored.

In this weekend workshop on Deep Connection, skilled Leaders of Sensory Awareness will invite you again and again to discover and draw upon the life energy that is always right here, waiting for our attention, our curiosity, our joy. The three hours we spend together each day will offer rich opportunity to meet this depth and make a place for it in our lives.

Cost: $ 100 regular / $80 for SAF members

Michael Atkinson

Michael finds rich possibilities in exploring how Sensory Awareness experiments illuminate our lives in the world at large: “the way we do one thing may reveal the way we do all things.”
Shelley Hainer

Shelley particularly enjoys sharing the underlying delight and sense of subtle surprise that come to light as we take the path of Sensory Awareness and step into the unknown.
Vanessa Meade

Vanessa’s energy and immediacy make room for a wide expanse of freedom, encouraging each person to follow their own inner promptings as experiments unfold.

Stefan Laeng

Stefan, often pointing us to the rich detail of each moment, is drawn to explore the large forces, such as gravity, in which we live, move and have our being.