Sensory Awareness Foundation


Online Retreat – April 2022

April 9 + 10, 2022

Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 12pm PDT / 12 – 3pm EDT / 6 – 9pm CEST

Helga Hoenen | Misty Hannah
Susan Henning | Michael Richter

No matter how stuck we may feel, change, many say, is the one constant in our lives.  Resisting, we may experience it as chaos; embracing it, as transformation.  Paying the kind of attention fostered in Sensory Awareness, we can enter ever more subtle experience.  We begin to see at the deepest levels how we meet change, how we take it in, dance with it, how we resist or even stand against it.

 In a mature somatic discipline such as Sensory Awareness, we revere our tradition – and we test its boundaries, to see where change might bring further growth.

Come be with us as this group of skilled leaders invites us to explore new and subtle inner balances that highlight our vitality, and lead us to meet more fully the outer world in which we find ourselves, uncovering both support and resistance.  We may find the deeper narratives in what seem like ordinary moments.  And we can celebrate the spontaneity of which we are newly capable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the unexpected, be surprised, transcend weariness, and discover renewal.  

Cost: $ 100 regular / $80 for SAF members

Helga Hoenen has long found rich connections between Sensory Awareness and the Feldenkrais work. There is much insight and energy to be found in combining these approaches, exploring the ways that inner symmetries can bring a higher level of functioning and vitality. 

Misty Hannah often begins her explorations with sharing about her lived experiences such as, crossing a bridge, climbing stairs, stepping into a river’s edge…She comes with openness and curiosity to meet with what is here in us and around us. From these strands in the texture of our lives we can find a new depth echoing in the broad reaches of our experience, leaving the familiar path and entering a new way of being.

Susan Henning is interested in working with deep, quiet attention to relationships and interconnection within self and between self and world. In the experience of wholeness of self comes the realization of permeability to all that is around me. New possibilities emerge.

Michael Richter’s explorations often begin in quiet, and lead to a sense of play that liberates us from our old ways of seeing, inviting us to a joy that brings new life to our lives.