Sensory Awareness Foundation


Berkeley 2024

Rediscovering Your Fuller Ground and Truer Presence 

A Sensory Awareness workshop with Richard Lowe and Len Shemin

Berkeley, July 14, 2024

Location: Berkeley Moving Arts, 2525 Eighth Street, #13A

Times: 10:30am – 5pm

We’re pricing this workshop well under “market value,” because we want to make it easy for you to join us for a day Sensory Awareness. In addition, please know that no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Just ask.

Cost: $75 for newcomers and SAF members / $95 regular price

Beneath the clutter and stress of modern life
is the reliable ground of your own organic nature.

As our senses reawaken we can learn to stand and move and live with greater balance, ease and presence. Sensory Awareness, a long respected somatic practice, offers a remarkably simple and self-empowering way for becoming more fully grounded and embodied in the living moment. Gentle, meditative-like experiments are offered to help guide you in sensing the reality and vitality of the world around you and within you. 

Richard Lowe
After many years of study with Charlotte Selver I began offering classes in this work in 1988. Soon after with her support I helped create the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild serving as its first president. I’ve also served as the SAF’s executive director and as co-editor of Reclaiming Vitality and Presence: Sensory Awareness as a Practice for Life. My additional related studies have included graduate school training in both Dance/Movement Therapy and clinical psychology. Currently as a now retired psychotherapist I enjoy offering Zoom classes and exploring the process of both writing poetry and attempting three-point basketball shots.

Len Shemin
In 1969 I first experienced Sensory Awareness with Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks at Esalen Institute. After ten years of foreign travel I reconnected with them and also began a lifelong practice of Tai Chi and Vipassana meditation while continuing studying with Charlotte until her death in 2003. Later I joined Lee Lesser’s Sensory Awareness leadership training for a decade. In recent years I’ve been exploring non dual teachings, investigating the interface between our separateness and our interconnectedness. Sensory Awareness is an important anchor for me in all these related practices.