Sensory Awareness Foundation


Berkeley 2023

Weekend Workshop

Date: March 25 – 26, 2023

Times: Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 9:30 – 4pm

Location: Berkeley Shambhala Center, 2288 Fulton St, Ste 202, Berkeley, CA

Cost: Regular: $280; SAF Members: $225
Early Registration Discount, before March 1: Regular: $240; SAF Members: $190

Reclaiming Vitality, Presence & Connection

With Richard Lowe, Misty Hannah, Stefan Laeng, Sara Bragin

Still reeling from the isolating impact of the pandemic? Outwardly, things may seem largely back to how we lived before but in subtle and not so subtle ways, we are still keeping to ourselves, holding in. 

This workshop is an opportunity to reclaim what may have been lost: a sense of vitality, presence and connection. 

Sensory Awareness focuses on the cultivation of an ever deepening awareness of our sensory experience as a gateway into ourselves and simultaneously into deeper connection with others and the world around us. This depth of connection, with which we are born but may have lost along the way, anchors us in a more responsive and compassionate way of being.

Sensory Awareness is a movement-based mindfulness practice. Everyday gestures rather than exercises, playful explorations, quiet attentiveness rather than effort, take us to a place of renew engagement with an ever-evolving world.

Activities as ordinary as walking or reaching out to receive receive a glass of water offered by a friend become opportunities to regain a sense of trust in our own experience of the living moment. In the immediacy and intimacy of the moment fully met, preoccupations can fall away, and we can step into new and familiar situations and relationships with a renewed sense of vitality.