How to become a Sensory Awareness leader

How to Become a Sensory Awareness Leader

If you are interested in becoming a Sensory Awareness leader it is best to establish a connection with a member of the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild (SALG) who can guide you in this process. There is no school to become a Sensory Awareness Leader.

Traditionally, there hasn’t been a training program at all but rather a mentorship with one or more leaders. But there are now some programs for those who wish to deeply dedicate themselves to this practice. Featured below are two of them. Others are available. Please inquire with a Leaders Guild member.

For many years Charlotte Selver had her own way of authorizing someone to be a leader (she rejected the term teacher) of Sensory Awareness: she simply told advanced students when she felt they were ready to work with people. This usually came after many years of her getting to know the person and observing the student’s development in her classes. In addition to authorizing individuals, Charlotte and her husband Charles Brooks fostered the creation of the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild. Many of its current members were authorized in this way.

Today, anyone wishing to become a Sensory Awareness Leader needs to study with one or hopefully more authorized leaders and then eventually find one to become his or her mentor. Or an authorized leader may recognize a deep understanding of Sensory Awareness in a student, and offer to serve as a mentor. Once this connection is made, it is up to the mentor to decide what further study and experience would be desirable and then to discern when the student is ready to gain the mentor’s approval to become a leader.

In addition to being approved to lead Sensory Awareness, the new leader may apply for membership in the Sensory Awareness Leaders Guild (SALG) if they have the support of three Leaders Guild Members.

Membership in SALG not only offers the public important additional evidence of a leader’s credibility and competence but also helps the leader’s ongoing development through connection and interaction with other leaders. All the leaders listed in our media are members of SALG.



The Sensory Awareness Leaders Training Institute (SALTI) was founded to help develop new leaders by providing innovative, experiential study both in person and online. 

The first 2-year program begins in July 2019. 

The SALTI program’s teaching staff includes Denise Gabriel, Michael Richter, and Pat Baxter. 

Please visit their website at


Going Deeper

Dedicated Practitioner Program with Terry Ray

Personal Practice and Development.
A 5-month Intensive Training with Terry Ray in Boulder, Colorado.

The Intensive Training Program will include skills and support for those that are interested in leading or holding space for others.

To learn more, go to