After our workshop at Garrison: How to bring Sensing home

Sensory Awareness

After Garrison…to those who attended


Off the Cushion and Into Your Life
Sensory Awareness at Garrison 2016


Hello everyone!

It was wonderful being together at Garrison!

Photos are now on the website.  There may be more to come. To see what we have so far, click here!

Bringing Sensory Awareness home

Many of you asked about how to integrate Sensory Awareness into your daily life.

During her session, Lee Lesser spoke about developing a practice of pausing and just noticing the next three breaths. The ‘pause’ doesn’t necessarily mean to stop what you are doing, but just to shift into noticing how you are breathing at that moment and for the next three breaths.

As promised, Lee sent us a link to “Opportunites to Practice”, a very straightforward exploration of twenty-two activities that are common in most of our lives


From drinking a hot beverage to washing the dishes or eating or typing or opening our eyes, Lee invites us to explore what it is to be fully present for these every day experiences.

“Through the most simple things which we do all the time, we can feel out to which degree we honor everything with our inner attention.

Every moment can be cherished.”

–Charlotte Selver 

And yet more resources from Lee: Articles and writings!


Stefan gave an example of lifting a stone as a practice. He said that after one or two or three years, we could change to something else! Might have sounded facetious, but that is truly a rich practice. As you experienced in the workshop, simple tasks can be profound and never the same twice.


For me, driving has become a practice. And then there is the subway system for those of you in the city. 


Driving… anywhere. From the door to the car: How is it to cross that threshold? How is the air? How does that influence breathing? Can you take one minute when you first sit in your car to really notice how it is to sit there? How do you experience the support under you? Notice the (likely) familiar world around you, really looking at it and hearing, smelling whatever is there. And, always, how is breathing?
When driving, can you include an awareness of peripheral vision as you move through the landscape in your vehicle? What can you feel of the vibration of the road through your feet and how far through you do you feel that?

(You can adjust this to riding the subway train….walking down or up the stairs and waiting on the platform, sitting or standing on the train. The sounds!? The people? Vibrations of the moving train as it enters the station and while you are inside of it? Exploring balance on the moving train? How is breathing here….and here?)

And just as in sitting practices, we wake up in the realization that our mind has been somewhere else and just gently come back to where we are. Over and over.



Other opportunities:

The next Sensing Sundays series will start again in January, 2017. Offering Sensing through conference calls has been successful for quite a few years. There is s strong sense of connection and community. One advantage is that you will engage in a Sensing experiment twice a month in your own home, with your own familiar objects, walls, chairs and the living world right where you live. You will be in a community of people from across the globe coming together to deepen their practice. And you get to download the sessions to experience again as often as you like.


“The Earth and all she holds that is life giving & life enhancing has always been a constant & amazing resource for me. Allowing my mind to come to quiet & be received, in quiet presence, not needing to “do” anything or “prove anything” is such a blessing!!

I am looking forward to experiencing again that resource, not alone, but in community.”


                                                                    Debra Kinninger, Sensing Sunday’s participant


Check our workshop listings. There are regular Sensory Awareness workshops in New York City. This one is usually led by Penny Smith, a gifted leader who has kept this class alive for many years.Monday nights in NYC with Penny Smith.

Stefan Laeng Gilliatt and Lousie Boedeker offer one day workshops in NYC several times a year. Visit our website events calendar regularly for updates.

Use the website! There are a number of free audio files of Sensing experiments led by seasoned leaders. You will find them under the Media and On-line Store option on the main menu but here is a direct link.

There are four videos of Charlotte Selver leading experiments that you can participate in, here. (Just scroll down to: Spontaneous Reactivity, Stools and Sitting, Standing and Poles, Sitting and Crawling.)

All for now.  May your life be enriched by the miracle of the mundane.

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