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NPR, The Rolling Stones, SAF – and You?

Dear Friends of Sensory Awareness,

What do National Public Radio, the Rolling Stones, and the Sensory Awareness Foundation have in common?

I listened to NPR the other day celebrating their 50th anniversary with a tribute to the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, an album which I added to my record collection not long after its release in 1971, real zipper, vinyl and all. Two years later, at the tender age of 13, I would see them live in concert in Bern, Switzerland, together with the unforgettable Billy Preston. 

As I was reminiscing on my teenage years and on the fact that I’ve lived in the States long enough to have listened to NPR for half of its lifetime, I thought, well, we’re in good company. The Sensory Awareness Foundation was also founded in 1971. About its existence I learned much later but from hearing about it to becoming its executive manager the first time around in 1995 it didn’t take long – but that’s another story which shall be told another time.

And then I thought of you. 

Some of you have been around since that time and longer, some only since last year. But all of us have experienced the profound value of Sensory Awareness. 

We’re not a rock ‘n’ roll band, nor are we a national broadcaster – though maybe we could learn from both about being more visible. Sensory Awareness is largely quiet, subtle work. But occasionally, we crank it up and throw a pretty good and silly party. I hope you’ll experience one of them when we come back to in-person workshops.

In lieu of a party, I thought, why not have some fun with the unlikely juxtaposing of NPR, Sticky Fingers, SAF – and a raffle? 

So today, in honor of three 50th anniversary celebrations, I ask you to make a donation of $50 or multiples thereof – to the Sensory Awareness Foundation. You’ll have the chance to win a free Sensing Sundays series or a 50 minute individual Sensory Awareness session with me (it can be whatever you want it to be – maybe a Charlotte Selver story hour?). The choice is yours if you are the 50th (100th, or 150th) donor.  

Be sure to enter your ticket(s) soon. The raffle will close on July 4.

With your raffle tickets you help fund the future of the SAF and its mission to make Sensory Awareness more visible, for example with the completely redesigned website on which my son Julian and I are working this summer.

I look forward to congratulating the winners and I thank you all for your continued companionship as we zip past 50 years and into the future.

With triple gratitude,

Stefan Laeng

SAF Executive Director

PS: The SAF is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible in the US.