Sensory Awareness Foundation


Giving and Receiving

“Sensory Awareness focuses on the cultivation of an ever deepening awareness of our sensory experience as a gateway into ourselves and simultaneously into deeper connection with others and the world around us.
This depth of connection is innate and, if lost, can be reclaimed. It anchors us in a more responsive and compassionate way of being.”

Do you want to be one of the 500 members that together will ensure that the Sensory Awareness Foundation can successfully implement its goals for 2022?

The goals really converge into one: giving people access to a practice that we believe can greatly enhance the quality of our daily lives – Sensory Awareness. 

500 regular memberships cover most of our annual expenses. Your generosity beyond that ensures the long-time financial viability of the SAF and allows us to give access to our classes for people who may otherwise not be able to participate. 

I understand well that not everyone has the means for an annual membership of $100. To you I want to say that whatever you can give helps us to move towards our goal of raising $50,000. Or maybe it is more doable with a monthly payment of $8.50? That’s an option you can choose too. And even without the membership you’re just as much part of our valued community – simply by joining in our efforts to achieve our vision in whichever way is possible for you.

I am heartened to know that some of you who can will give more to support those who are not able to give as much as they would wish. Some of you may even want to give a Gift Membership – another option to support us and someone you care about.

Your membership matters now more than ever. Join today and support the efforts of the Sensory Awareness Foundation to share this essential work with an ever-broadening audience.

If you are drawn to contribute beyond basic $100 membership, we would very much appreciate your extra generosity. Please consider joining at a higher level:

  • Sustaining Member, at $500-$999: Help support the new initiatives that you’ve just read about;
  • Patron Member, for $1,000-$4,999: Help attract new participants and to underwrite those without the means to afford workshop fees and series enrollments;
  • Endowing Member, contributing $5,000 or more: Help keep our financial core from eroding, and grow it for the future.

If you would like to discuss other levels of giving, please call or email us.

A complimentary individual Sensory Awareness session with one of our leaders is yours if you support the Foundation as a Patron or Endowing member. (Or you can gift this session to a friend as a truly unique gift this holiday!)

Thank you for supporting us as we move to expand our offerings and outreach, as well as solidify our financial endowment so that we can continue to offer this transformative work for many years to come.

We look forward to working together in the coming months and years,

Stefan Laeng, Executive Director
with the SAF Board of Directors