2018 Frauenchiemsee Workshop

The main language will be English
with translation available in Spanish and German as needed.

The workshop is currently full.

To be added to the list contact Deanna Campbell at info@sensoryawareness.org.

When we turn outward to explore our world with open curiosity and increasing sensitivity, we are brought into richer contact with our own capacities, our deepest nature.

And if we start from the point of inner exploration, we find ourselves awakening outward to a world of wonder, a renewed landscape in which to thrive.  

Sensory Awareness is a remarkably simple approach to reconnecting with the living moment. Everyday movements rather than exercises, playful explorations, quiet attentiveness rather than effort, take us to a place of renewed engagement with an ever-evolving world.

Come join us in this rich unfolding at Frauenwörth Abbey on the beautiful island Fraueninsel im Chiemsee.

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Overview of the Sessions

The workshop begins on Friday evening with dinner at 6:00 pm (18 h).
Check-in between 3 and 6 pm (15 – 18 h)

Detailed schedule & Information on the session Leaders (will be available soon)

Friday Evening                     
From the Ground Up – The Foundations of Presence and Action

With Stefan Laeng-Gilliatt (USA)

Stefan has studied Sensory Awareness and related practices since 1980. He studied and worked closely with Charlotte from 1991 until her death in 2003. He is the Executive Director of the Sensory Awareness Foundation. Stefan has been a student of Buddhism since 1983, practicing and studying with teachers of different traditions. He lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire and offers workshops in the USA and Europe. Currently, he is working on an oral history and biography of Charlotte Selver’s life.

Early Mornings                    
Experiencing Deep Stability

Quiet Meditation

Sitting in meditation is cultivating a wakeful attitude of equanimity toward whatever life presents. Rather than freezing in the perfect position, we cultivate a presence that is respectful of the living, breathing, responsive being we are.

led by
a seasoned meditation practitioner, TBD

Saturday Morning                
Meeting Water, Meeting Sand – Discovering Life’s Fluidity

With Ute Strub (Germany)

Ute (born 1933) was a student of Elfriede Hengstenberg and editor of the book Entfaltungen about her work with children, which Ute teaches internationally.
Ute took part in the 1984 study group and in many other workshops with Charlotte Selver, and she worked extensively with other students of Elsa Gindler: Gertrud Heller in London, Mieke Monjou in Germany, and Alice Aginski in France.

Ute worked with Emmi Pikler in Budapest beginning in 1979 and after Pikler’s death with Anna Tardos. She is a teacher of the Pikler-Training in Berlin and in the UK and founded, in 2010, the Strandgut in Berlin, an indoor-playroom for children.

Saturday Afternoon              
Fit for Life – We Are Already Complete

With Ioana Cisek (Germany)

Ioana became acquainted with Sensory Awareness in 1980 through Peggy Zeitler and started offering individual sessions in 1992. Ioana was recognition as a Sensory Awareness leader by Charlotte Selver in 1999. Further experience: Pikler/Sensory Awareness-Work with Anna Tardos and Peggy Zeitler; Spiraldynamik®; Method Acting according to Lee Strasberg; Tai Chi Chuan; Founding member of „Wege der Entfaltung“ (Paths of Unfolding).

Saturday Evening                 
Stillness in Action | Action in Stillness

With Gloria Lerin (Spain)

Gloria, a student of Charlotte Selver, Lee Klinger Lesser, Krista Sattler, and Ute Strub, has been practicing Sensory Awareness for 28 years. She is interested in the capacity of the human being to regenerate and heal. In her personal and professional process Gloria works with Gestalt Therapy, the methods of “liberation from the armor” and “images of transformation” (Marie Lise Labonté), and dance. These experiences give her the possibility to accompany herself and others who want to know themselves better and follow a process of evolution, with more freedom, respect, and awareness.

Sunday Morning                  
This Moment, without Baggage

With Enric Bruguera (Spain)

A professional photographer as well as a Leader of Sensory Awareness, Enric was first drawn to sensing by his observation of body language, and the subtle insights to which it led.  He began studying Sensory Awareness a quarter century ago, and found it opened a new way of living for himself and his students.  He is director of The Center for Bodily Learning (Centre de Pedagogia Corporal) in the Catalonia region of Spain and teaches workshops in Europe, Mexico, and India.

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The workshop is currently full.

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