2016 West Coast Workshop Photos

Embracing Your True Nature
May 13 – 15, 2016

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April 21 – 23, 2017



  Photos from the 2016 West Coast Workshop

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Note: Stefan Laeng Gilliatt took all of the photos. Unfortunately, since he was our photographer, we have none of his wonderful plenary sessions which opened and closed the workshop at Vallombrosa.

Participants at Embracing Your True Nature
2016 West Coast Workshop at Vallombrosa Retreat Center in California

Our Natural Responsiveness led by Jill Harris: “exploring aspects of sensory experience individually and in relation to another..”  When we can become conscious and let go of the effects of training, expectations and habit, how do we directly experience even the simplest of actions: Tapping, lying down, resting….

Richard Lowe leading Our Natural Responsiveness
What is it to be moved by something?
Charity Martin and Ray Fowler (foreground)

Penny Smith’s class: The Art of Pausing
Being aware of our breathing and how we are connected to the support of the earth renews our ability to meet the experiences of living. Exploring standing, walking and lying through various experiments with weight and gravity awakens possibilities for new awareness.

Chester Howard: Offering Support.

Working with weight, resistance and support.

Pat Baxter led Finding Support in our own Nature. “In listening to breath and our natural responses to life’s demands we come to know ourselves. In paying close attention to breathing we can explore inspiration, enthusiasm, and response-ability…”

Throughout our lives, our breath is always available to us, just how it is without imposing any ideal upon it, ever changing and responding, it offers us a constant source of wisdom.

From Left: Katie Eitzen, Robert Smith, Dil Ranatunga, Sara Gordon

Left: Claudia Davenport
Top: Leia Sutton-Barnes
Bottom Right: Pat Meyer Peterson

What colors choose me? What designs want to emerge? When I move with the image I created, how does that influence the next creation? Connie Smith-Seigel led us in The Art of Pausing. “Through spontaneous improvisations with shape, line and color we can connect more deeply with what we see and feel around us.”

What is evoked when I look at what came through?

Each creation unique.

Tapping is such a simple act. We can explore it on our own or with a partner. Receiving in trust, or offering with sensitivity are both ways of Finding Support in Your Own Nature. Is it something we do? Or can we be present enough to be truly responsive to what is needed in this simple act?

Ray Fowler led Finding Support in Your Own Nature. “You will begin to feel how breathing has its own path….Embracing your own nature comes simply by itself, since it is already there!”  We spent time in silence outside. The deep connection we felt to all the life around us, within us and to each other can carry forward even into our busy daily lives.

Another participant….