Membership and Donations for Leaders

Dear Fellow Leaders of Sensory Awareness

You sustain the work of Sensory Awareness in the world.

Your work leading classes and workshops, integrating this work into your profession and communities is profoundly valuable.

Join us! Sign up for both the Sensory Awareness Foundation and the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild at a discount.

Together we will continue to nourish Sensory Awareness, compassion and presence in the world.

Click the buttons below to join and to donate
or mail a check to Sensory Awareness, 23 Wallace Way, San Rafael CA, 94903

Membership Options


$125 Combined Membership, or $100 for SAF, $50 for SALG

Dues for both organizations will now be annual. Any dues paid on or after Thanksgiving will extend until December 31 of the following year.

This year the Sensory Awareness Foundation and the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild are offering a discounted COMBINED MEMBERSHIP for $125 – a savings of $25 over the normal dues of $100 for the Foundation and $50 for the Guild.  (Or you can choose to join each organization separately.)  The amount you choose for membership will make your choice clear when you click the MEMBERSHIP button.

In addition to supporting the work at large, there are some very specific benefits of SAF and SALG membership for Leaders.  We urge you to join both organizations, giving your full support to a revitalized Foundation and Guild.


Members will have access to the Leaders Only Web pages, Here you’ll find the Heritage page, with videos of elder leaders, recorded sensing experiments by fellow leaders,  access to a large lending library of books related to Sensing, dates and leaders of future Sensing Conference Calls (as well as recordings of past Conference Calls) and you will be able to post your workshops on our website calendar.*

— Members receive free tuition to Leaders’ Guild gatherings (e.g. those that precede the public workshops at Vallombrosa and Garrison.  (Tuition will be $50 for non-dues-paying Leaders.)

—Members create a community of leaders who support each other in offering this work.

*Your workshops will be listed on the public workshops web page at   (The SAF website will no longer carry workshop announcements of Leaders who are not current dues-paying SAF members.)


(Please consider setting up an easy monthly automatic donation through Paypal.  You will see this option when you go to pay your membership/donations.  Giving at any level monthly ($10, $15, $25, $50…..$100!) is a tremendous support for our many dynamic goals and projects.  Thank you!)

As someone who cares about Sensory Awareness, you know how important it is for this work to flourish and reach an ever wider audience. Indeed, it was Charlotte Selver’s dream for Sensing to enrich people’s lives far into the future.

The Sensory Awareness Foundation exists to fulfill this dream.

Just a few things that your generosity makes possible:

Your donations fund scholarships to each of our National Workshops. This allows people to attend who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Veterans and college students have benefited and some of these young people are now on the path to becoming Sensory Awareness leaders.

Your donations help us to maintain and improve this website where you will find many resources in the Leader’s Section.

Your donations cover the cost of copies of “Every Moment is a Moment” which we donate to Veterans attending Veterans PATH retreats.

Your donations help us to develop new videos that show what Sensory Awareness is with clarity, appeal and elegance.

Donations are essential to our mission.  Please help us to continue to:

  •  host two annual national workshops – West Coast and (in 2015) East Coast – preceded by two Leaders’ conferences.
  • maintain our status as providers of continuing education units for behavioral health professionals, nurses and bodyworkers.
  • develop online resources to promote Sensory Awareness
  • offer ongoing classes in the Bay Area
  • continue to offer “Sensing Sundays”, in it’s second year, we reach people all over the world who do not live near authorized leaders.
  • complete the publication of “Waking Up” in Spanish.
  • grow our vision in innovative ways through the years to come.