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    04 May 2017
    “Sensory Awareness: Live Wide Open“ National East Coast Workshop: September 15 – 17, 2017, 2017 at Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY
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    25 Jun 2016
    “There is something very sacred about our nature and the nature of things… …the nature of coming together, being together, getting in contact with each other and having a sensitive connection to what we are doing.” —Charlotte Selver  
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    24 Jun 2016
    Click on the photo (left) to view our Calendar of Events to find a workshop near you!
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    23 Jun 2016
    How? Sensing Sundays’ Conference calls! Finally, there’s a way to bring the practice of Sensory Awareness into your own home, into the moments of your daily life. Have you ever been to one of our workshops and wished there was someone in your area who...
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    22 Jun 2016
    This work is experiential.  Click here for audio files of Sensing experiments to explore on your own!
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    21 Jun 2016
    Visit our on-line store to find books, bulletins and audio files on Sensory Awareness. All of the rare recordings of Charlotte Selver leading Sensing experiments are now available as downloadable MP3s with PDF transcripts. Find these and much more….  

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National Workshops in 2017

Live Wide Open

East Coast Retreat at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY

September 15 – 17, 2017

“With my feet truly on the ground, my mind becomes clear.”
(A recent workshop participant)

Why settle for a life half lived? In this Sensory Awareness retreat, we explore ordinary activities in stillness and in motion and learn to awaken the sensitivity that is our birthright. Engaged wholeheartedly in everyday situations, we naturally bring fresh life and a deep knowing to our living world and the people in it.  

More information and registration here.


West Coast: April 21 – 23, 2017

A big thank you to all participants and leaders at our recent workshop,
Sensory Awareness: An Embodied Response to Unsettling Times.
It was a truly beautiful weekend.

What is Sensory Awareness?

Watch this short video.

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